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Most people who survive a semi truck accident are injured, hurting, struggling with huge medical bills, and confused about where to turn for help getting the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Truth is, truck accidents are always more serious than--and from a legal standpoint, vastly different from--car accidents. The regulations are different, the impact is harder, the damage more extensive, and the odds for survival less favorable. Since these kinds of cases cannot be handled like motor vehicle accidents, you need an experienced commercial truck accident litigator who understands the legalities of an 18-wheeler crash in order to obtain maximum compensation.

At the law firm of Clements & Clements, we understand state and national trucking regulations, and we know exactly which questions to ask in an 18-wheeler accident case.

Most large commercial trucking companies are self-insured. This is why they try every tactic in the book to avoid compensating the injured party. Some even train drivers to avoid blame in the event of a crash, so don’t be surprised if the truck driver insists that the crash was your fault. The driver and the company are simply trying to mitigate their legal liability. In addition, large insurance companies usually offer a low settlement, hoping the injured person will accept that first offer and avoid litigation.

At Clements & Clements, Attorneys at Law, we know how to thoroughly investigate a semi truck accident and determine who is legally liable for your injury. We travel throughout the state of Texas to investigate the scenes of eighteen wheeler crashes, building a compelling case that gets results.

If you or someone in your family has been injured in a serious accident that involved a semi truck or other commercial vehicle, contact a Dallas trucking accident lawyer at Clements & Clements. When you talk with us, we'll give you an honest assessment of your case, your injuries, and how a judge and jury are likely to respond to your petition for compensation.

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Clements & Clements represents truck accident injury victims throughout Corsicana, Tyler, Waco, Terrell, Longview, and the Dallas metropolitan area in the following:

Truck Accidents and Serious Injuries
We represent people who have received catastrophic injuries, such as:

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