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Trench collapses and cave-ins often result from negligence or a violation of safety requirements. The sad--or perhaps happy-- fact is that most of these accidents can be prevented if workers simply adhere to the required precautions. If someone else’s negligence resulted in physical harm to you or someone you love in the Dallas area, you may qualify for damages.

The Aftermath of a Trench Collapse
Immediately after the collapse, if you are able, you should notify your foreman or supervisor, and if necessary, receive medical treatment for your injuries.

The Worker’s Compensation process begins the minute you report the incident to your superiors. Your next move--which will be critical to your case--should be to engage the legal services of a veteran trench collapse attorney. Your lawyer will know how to investigate the accident scene and ascertain who was responsible for the mishap, then advise you on where to go from here. In the event that your Worker’s Comp claim is denied or is not substantial enough to cover every bill and expense associated with your injuries, you could still have a legal recourse.

From the beginning, either you, a close friend, or family member should proactively seek to preserve records and evidence pertaining to the accident. This means you should keep all receipts for medicines, all medical bills, names and numbers of witnesses, a log of mileage to and from doctors, hospitals, and treatments, and photographs--lots of them-- of your injuries and if possible, of the accident scene. These pieces are critical to helping your attorney build a solid case on your behalf.

When you or someone you love has been injured in a collapsed trench, it is important to consult with an aggressive, experienced plaintiff’s team as soon as possible to maximize the evidence and legal muscle behind your claim. At Clements & Clements, we aim for the highest possible figure to cover your current and ongoing care, lost wages, and pain & suffering.

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Experienced in complex investigations surrounding trench collapse
Trench collapses and excavation accidents are usually caused by carelessness. As your attorneys, we initiate an immediate investigation to identify the cause of the accident. We work with witnesses, contact accident experts, and retrieve all relevant medical and police documentation. Our attorneys understand OSHA and other safety regulations that play into your case. In a trench accident case we investigate the construction company, property owner, subcontractors and products manufacturers, and identify all potential defendants.

We are experienced in trench collapse injury cases involving:

While an insurance adjuster will seek to limit your claims, an experienced lawyer will know exactly how to protect your interests and help you recover full compensation.

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