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Texas commercial truck and eighteen-wheeler accidents lead to some of the most complex, sophisticated litigation, drawing on highly specific details, and identifying multiple defendants. At law office of Clements & Clements, we have extensive experience representing clients in litigation involving truck accidents with injuries and fatalities.

We protect our clients’ rights against insurance companies and large trucking corporations. When you need immediate and aggressive representation, we offer the kind of experience and personal dedication that yields excellent results.

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Trucking accidents, insurance claims and your rights
Any insurance company associated with the parties responsible for your accident will begin looking for every possible way to limit your right to a claim from the minute they are notified of the crash. This is the case regardless of the severity of your injuries, or how obvious it is that the other person’s negligence caused your crash.

It is very important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney before you sign anything, make any statement, or agree to accept a settlement after an accident. An insurance company will almost always undervalue your claim and try to pay you a settlement that is far less than your case is really worth. As your attorneys, we are familiar with these tactics. We are prepared to aggressively defend your rights and ensure that you recover the best compensation possible.

Seasoned Legal Representation in Complex Trucking Litigation
Our Texas law firm handles cases involving parties all over the United States. We know how to initiate a case, expediting the investigation process using expert testimony, witness statements, and all necessary evidence for your claim, including black box information. We have a network of people around the country ready and available to assist us on your case.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible, so we can investigate the accident scene and preserve everything that is vital and relevant to your case.

Our truck accident attorneys are experienced in complex cases involving:

Maximize your recovery after an accident
We are experienced in pursuing claims against negligent trucking companies, manufacturers and all defendants responsible for trucking accidents. As veteran personal injury attorneys, we know what is involved in your claim and its potential value. We will do our best to effectively represent your rights and interests. We aim to recover all of the compensation you are entitled. For more information about how to protect your rights against an insurance company, please contact us today.

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