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The Consequences of Deregulation

In recent years, the trucking industry has lobbied for increased deregulation and a loosening of restrictions placed on the maximum amount of hours a driver can drive without being required to rest. As a result, increased pressure to deliver cargo faster and cheaper means more truck drivers are on the road for longer periods of time without getting sleep, and exceeding the speed limit to make deadlines. At the Texas law office of Clements & Clements, our lawyers work closely with accident investigators in determining the causes of a tractor trailer accident. We subpoena a driver's log book, driving record, credit card and expense accounts, and reconstruct events leading up to a crash.

If the truck driver who caused your injuries or killed your loved one claims they did nothing wrong, contact Texas truck accident lawyers at Clements & Clements. We have the knowledge and resources needed to conduct a thorough investigation and expose truck driver and trucking company negligence.

Determining the Causes of a Truck Accident

Comparing entries in a driver's log book, refueling records, and credit card statements, we can often determine if a driver exceeded the amount of allowable drive hours. Using receipts, mileage records, and log books, it's possible to retrace a truck driver's steps to determine how long they were on the road from any given point.

From the scene of an accident, accident reconstruction experts can measure skid marks, estimate speed of the vehicles, braking distances and other important information. Investigators determine whether the brakes, lights, or blinkers on the tractor trailer were working properly. Using these investigative approaches, we can often determine if an accident was caused by driver fatigue or excessive speeding - the two most common causes of truck wrecks according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSCA).

Confronting the Trucking Industry - Knowing what to Look For

Trucking companies train drivers in methods useful for denying responsibility after an accident. Additionally, since the trucking industry has consistently resisted attempts to electronically monitor and verify driving hours, drivers are often unofficially encouraged to misreport driving hours. At the law firm of Clements & Clements, our truck accident attorneys know what to look for and how to expose contradictory statements and testimony on the part of drivers who drive fatigued and speed excessively.

We understand how to expose driver negligence and uncover information trucking companies attempt to hide. To schedule a free consultation, contact a truck accident attorney at the law office of Clements & Clements today.

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