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Faulty Tire Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas

Faulty Tire Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas 

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Most motorists don’t realize that a single flaw in a tire’s design or construction can cause a major automobile accident, resulting in devastating injuries, and far too often, fatalities.

Truth is, if you experience a tire blowout or malfunction on the road and it causes you to have a wreck, total your car, or you suffer injures, you may have a viable injury accident case that entitles you to compensation. If you lost a loved one in a fatal traffic accident, you may have a wrongful death case.

The manufacturers and distributors of defective automobile parts can be held legally liable for accidents involving their products. At the law office of Clements & Clements, we have extensive experience in complex litigations and settlement negotiations involving product liability and defective car parts. We will aggressively pursue your case to recover the compensation to which you and your family are entitled.

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Our attorneys are experienced in tire defects claims involving:

As experienced tire defects attorneys, we can take the following action in your case:

  • Thoroughly investigate and photograph the accident scene
  • Interview witnesses
  • Retrieve DOT numbers of the tires to identify manufacturer
  • Work with experts including causation and tire experts
  • Analyze potential tire defects: How old was the tire? Was it recalled?
  • Work with accident reconstructionists who can do measurements, take video, and recreate the accident
  • Identify defects through an exact, closely-monitored process
  • Identify every potential defendant in your case
  • Aggressively pursue your claim against large automobile parts manufacturers and other negligent parties to recover the maximum compensation you and your family deserve

It is important to perform an investigation as soon as possible to collect and preserve all necessary evidence for your case. Our attorneys will contact witnesses, collect police reports and medical documentation, and work with professionals, including causation experts and tire experts, to build your case. The investigation will always involve an inspection of the vehicle and the tire to obtain DOT numbers and the manufacturer.

It is absolutely vital to preserve the wrecked vehicle and all the tires after the accident, not just the defective tire. At the Dallas law firm of Clements & Clements, we want to help you recover your hospital expenses, lost wages, and lost earning potential.

If you were in an accident because of a tire blowout on any Texas highway, interstate, or roadway, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are thorough and hard working, and we stand ready to fight for you.

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