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Texas construction zones are probably some of the most dangerous places for construction workers, runners, joggers, pedestrians, and drivers. Falling objects, oversized vehicles, insecure scaffolding, and improper warnings result in serious injuries and deaths every year in the State of Texas. In many cases, any accidents that occur are the result of management and property owner negligence, and are preventable, if the required precautions are put in place.

Investigating Construction Accidents

Since 1990, Clements & Clements, Attorneys at Law, have helped people recover compensation after being injured in a construction zone. Our personal injury attorneys Robert Clements and Kelly Clements provide more than forty combined years of personal injury experience. We thoroughly investigate accident scenes ourselves, regardless of where the accident site is in the State of Texas.

Since negligence and responsibility play a key role when it comes to establishing liability in personal injury cases, it's important for your personal injury attorney to investigate construction zone accidents to determine the facts of what happened and why. Our meticulous methods of investigation help us ascertain if safety rule violations or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation violations played a role in the accident. We will examine whether a contractor or subcontractor tried to cut corners in order to reduce costs, which intentionally places innocent people in danger.

If you have been injured in a construction site accident, whether as a construction worker, runner, walker, bicyclist, or a motorist, contact the Dallas personal injury attorneys' offices of Clements & Clements as soon as possible after the accident.

Though you have two years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury claim, it is not wise to wait; in order to pursue maximum compensation for you, we should have the opportunity to investigate the scene of the accident and interview any witnesses as soon as possible. We promise to put our experience, knowledge, and exceptional reputation to work, representing you at the negotiating table and in court when necessary.

Construction Site Accident Claims

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