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Burns are some of the most painful and devastating injuries anyone can suffer. Burn victims can develop additional complications such as shock, infections, dehydration, tissue death, and a weakened immune system, since the skin that acts as a barrier to invading germs sustains the most damage.

Severe burns come from a variety of causes: car accidents, commercial truck crashes, gas leaks and explosions, negligence, electrocution, faulty electrical wiring, mishandled chemicals and flammables, arson (fires that are deliberately set), and malfunctioning equipment, appliances, car parts, hot water heaters, space heaters, and propane grills, to name a few.

Sadly, many people who are involved in these kinds of accidents do not survive. If you lost a loved one to smoke inhalation or fatal burns, please visit our wrongful death page to learn about your options for legal recourse.

Many burn accident survivors are left with devastating mental, emotional, and physical scars. Whether you personally have a burn injury or you seek legal assistance after losing someone you love, it is important to consult a trustworthy and effective law firm to handle your case. At Clements & Clements, we offer skilled, dedicated advocacy focused on obtaining maximum compensation for the victims of burn injuries.

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Early and Extensive Investigation is Key to Any Claim
Burn injuries are almost always serious, sometimes resulting in loss of limb, serious scars or paralysis. If you wish to obtain financial compensation to cover hospital bills, medications, medical equipment, lost wages, ongoing therapy, expensive reconstructive surgeries, skin grafts, and pain and suffering, you must consult an attorney who will quickly and thoroughly investigate the facts of your case.

We understand how to help people even in complex cases with multiple victims. Immediately after your initial consultation, we begin collecting and preserving all relevant evidence. We work with witnesses, medical professionals, police, and other experts who can help us prepare a powerful case against a defendant or insurance company.

Clements & Clements, Extensive Experience in Burn Injury and Accident Cases Involving:

First Degree Burns
Most minor surface burns are easy to treat at home, unless they are over a significant area of the skin’s surface; in that case, they may require medical attention.
Second Degree Burns
Slightly deeper than first degree, these painful burns are characterized by blisters and sometimes result in tissue damage.
Third Degree Burns
These types of burns are deep and serious, damaging not only the skin, but the tissue underneath, usually resulting in permanent scars.

Advocacy That Addresses Immediate and Future Treatment
Immediately following an accident or injury, you will be concerned about getting appropriate medical treatment, paying your bills, or caring for your family. After you address those concerns, you must consider long-term care needs and other expenses.

Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to ensure that all of these needs are addressed. We will personally examine where you stand and use that information to help recover all of the compensation you deserve.

With forty years of experience in personal injury law, we know how to deliver great results.

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