Dog Bite Liability

It's a well-established fact that Texans love their pet dogs. However, that doesn't mean that every dog owner in the Lone Star State is a responsible pet owner. So what really causes dog bite attacks? In many cases, the owner's desire for a dog - or specific breed of dog - outweighs their practical ability to shelter and control the animal. Other times, the dog owner has incorrectly assumed that because the dog has consistently exhibited a specific type of behavior that it is incapable of becoming violent or vicious. In some cases, the dog may not even intend harm, but because of its size or temperament, it inadvertently knocks over or scratches a child or an elderly person. 

Regardless of what type of circumstances lead to a dog bite or serious scratch, Texas case law consistently places the responsibility on the dog owner or its appointed custodian. Dog owners are liable for injuries and damage that their dogs cause to others. Pet owners will often try to accept this responsibility by paying for the victims' medical bills. However, our experience as Dallas personal injury attorneys has taught us that the victim's of dog bites and attacks can experience exorbitant medical costs, including hospitalization bills, medication, physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, loss of occupational capacity, lost wages, and property damage. An offer by the victim to pay for a visit to the doctor does not usually even begin to cover the victim's damages. 

The good news for the victims of dog bites is that there are a number of personal injury attorneys in Dallas, TX and other parts of the state who specialize in litigating dog bite injury claims. An experienced personal injury attorney can calculate the damages to which they are entitled for the accident, including personal injury. The Texas P.I. lawyer can then identify the at-fault party, or the party who is ultimately responsible for paying the damages. In many case, the dog owner's homeowners insurance company is responsible for paying the claim on the accident.

No one should have to live in fear of their neighbor's pets. If you've been attacked by a dog, or inadvertently injured by the actions of a dog - even if you were on that person's property - you need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.