Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law

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“My case is cut and dry — the facts speak for themselves”

Many people believe that their case is cut and dry — that the results are predetermined by a set of facts which seem obvious to us. The insurance company does not think this way. They have a, deny first, pay later, attitude which will serve only their interest. What seems obvious, will be twisted and construed by the insurance adjuster so it benefits them. Further, tort law is highly complex and requires a sophisticated understanding and application of the law as well as an analysis of the facts to determine a result. A skilled attorney will know how to effectively review the facts of your case and apply the law to yield a result which benefits you, not the insurance company.

“Insurance companies are looking out for my best interests”

Insurance companies have one priority: to limit your claim and pay out as little as possible. The insurance claims adjuster handling your case is not your friend, no matter how nice they might seem. The insurance company’s interest, is always first with the adjuster, they work for the insurance company! It is important to protect your rights using an attorney who will be solely looking out for your best interests. We zealously represent your interests with the highest ethical conduct to help you achieve maximum recovery.

“I can handle my own case”

Another common misconception is when people think they can handle their case on their own or that they don’t need an attorney. This is a common and grave mistake that can ultimately result in the loss of recovery, decreased value or the end of your case. Once a decision is made, you do not get a second chance. Protect yourself and work with an attorney the first time to ensure that your rights are protected. Let us work for you against the insurance companies and protect you.

“I don’t need to take legal action—an insurance company will pay me”

Many people believe that the insurance company will handle their case for them and do what is right for you. This is not true. If you have already been contacted and offered a settlement, it is probably because the insurance carrier is undervaluing the potential of your case to minimize your opportunities for recovery. If you are still in pain or your injury was recent, you can be assured the insurance company is trying to end their exposure on the claim. Contact an attorney who can effectively maximize your compensation.

“An attorney won’t really do much for my case”

Our firm works hard to represent our clients. We are here to work for you and you alone. We will take an aggressive and strategic approach to your case. We work with medical professionals, forensic accountants and other professionals and experts valuable to your case. We will handle the insurance companies on your behalf. We begin an early investigation to collect and preserve all necessary evidence for your case and begin preparing for trial on day one. No one will work harder than we will to collect necessary evidence for your claim and aggressively pursue your rights in court. We work for you always.

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