Four Reasons Why You Should Call A Personal Injury Attorney as Early as Possible After a Slip and Fall Injury


At our Dallas, TX personal injury law firm, our attorneys interview scores of clients who were injured at businesses or on public premises. This area of Texas personal injury law is known as "premises liability" or "slip and fall," and it deals with any type of accident that occurs on a property that's due to the negligence of the owner or custodian.

In these types of cases, it's extremely important that our clients come to us as early as possible in the case for several reasons:

To Observe the Scene in a Pristine State

In slip and fall cases, the scene of the incident can tell accident reconstruction experts - and by extension, juries - a lot about what caused the injury. The more time that a store manager or job site foreman has to change things - and if people are being injured, they probably should be doing just that—the more difficult it is to establish what happened. Even if you believe that the accident was caused by something that was cleaned up right after the incident, you should still speak with a Texas personal injury attorney immediately. For instance, the water that you slipped in might be mopped up right away, but it might take a few days to get a plumber out to fix the leak that caused it. 

Preservation of Video Evidence

Many premises maintain video surveillance cameras. Video footage can be an invaluable tool to your TX personal injury attorney when he or she is pleading your case. Video surveillance systems often only store data for a month or less. Your lawyer must act quickly to preserve those recordings.

Documentation of Injuries and Treatment

Your doctor will keep a medical chart. However, your personal injury attorney will also want to follow your progress. They may even make recommendations as to which specialists you should see for your particular type of injury. The sooner your personal injury lawyer and your doctors are working together, the better it is for the case.

To Secure a Quicker Settlements

The earlier your attorney is involved, the quicker you will be able to receive compensation for your injuries. More than likely, your personal injury attorney will reject any offer for an early settlement. That's because first offers tend to be inadequate to cover anything except basic expenses. 

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident on a premise located in the State of Texas, you should seek medical attention immediately. But then call a reputable Texas area personal injury attorney to discuss your case.